author: Wang Chao

I'll have one, too《 Excellent algorithm engineers don't need deep learning》

Homage to the divine《 Good girls don't have sex <>》

[email protected] <>《
Good algorithm scientists don't need to be unique <>》 inspiration.

I interviewed one the other dayC9 Fresh master, Pattern recognition major, Failed to answer several professional questions in a row.

Embarrassment, I asked him.:「 Do you have any ideals? What's your most desired thing now?」

He twists his big eyes, No false thinking cableway:「 takekaiming GreatlyResnet Extend to10 Ten thousand stories, holdkitti,COCO Database detection and recognition task promotion20 More than one point」

I didn't expect this kind of operation in the interview.

I ask why this can be the most desired thing at this stage, He asked rhetorical questions.「 Don't youLeCun,Bengio andHinton Are you moved by the persistent spirit of? Don't you envyILSVRC2012
AlexNet Is it brilliant? Don't you getgooglenet,Resnet Are you convinced by his profound thoughts?」

It makes sense. I can't argue.

Engineers who know the market so well, Must be a rare talent!

Therefore, I decide: Not accepting him..

These years, Deep learning inCV The field is very popular, Whether or notdetection,segmentation,classification, stillstereo
matching,pose estimation, In-depth study of the traditionalstate of the
art Method of flying. nowadays, Algorithm engineers don't know classical networks, I'm too embarrassed to say hello to others.

This phenomenon is only limited to the little white just entering the pit. But for immersion5 No matter more than yearsbat Algorithm manager or senior human feature design engineer, This kind of thing is just a joke to them. In the course of time, I found a cruel common ground——

They only use traditional methods.

Isn't the salary high? The lowest monthly salary20K+, And corporate options and shares.

Is the technology not good?Paper Soft handed, Just compile the code once.

I asked one of them: I think you focus on different tasks all day, Manual design features, Classifier is not tired, I don't want to try.cnn Method??

He said: Crap, Sure..

I asked: Then why don't you tryLeNet,AlexNet What about,caffe Are there any examples under the framework?

He sighed.: No, Too busy.

He means a lot: Excellent algorithm engineers don't need deep learning methods.

The man I was talking to, He's a great God,BS CMU,MS Stanford,doctor stayMIT, Three years to complete five years course, During reading the blog100 Many articlessci,h index
40 quite a few, Return to China as chief scientist of start-up company, Nothing to do Paper play, And the citations are considerable.

Follow interest inputcv Research10 several years, As early as01 yearPaul
Viola proposeHaar Cascadeadaboost Time, Minor modification of features and classifiers, Recognition rate improved0.1%, In the field of face detectionstate of the
art. Later, I couldn't stand the discrimination of foreign universities on Chinese academic, Resolutely return to China, Financial freedom has long been achieved.

This kind of algorithmic guy, I want to come out. Never buy a good video card to run deep learning, Buying a video card should also be used to eat chicken.

I still know another algorithm engineer.

Favorite traditional features and classifiers, imagegabor Wave filter,LBP Features,adaboost algorithm,SVM classification,random
forest It's a treasure of nature, Always marvel atharr Feature in face detection,hog In human detection,LBP The success of face recognition brings tears to our eyes. But also because of obsession, Every day:
Show, Legendary, May Fourth leader, A talent show. Dismissive of deep learning, We can make a comparisoncnn morework Traditional characteristics+ Classifier method.

This talent is a clear stream in the circle.

His biggest hobby is video surveillancergb On the foreground image generated by Gaussian background modeling, Using meter scale to measure the display to determine the aspect ratio of objects, Remove leaf jitter, Water waves, False alarm caused by kowtow machine, etc. In the eyes of Xiaobai, who just entered the pit, these divine operations, It's so out of place. Sometimes he was advised, at presentcnn Pruning, Compression model and other technologies, stay1080ti Real time on, You can try it, too, Reduce the workload.

He will not be affected.

I asked him.: How on earth do you keep a normal heart, Others use deep learning to achieve better generalization effect, You design features and classifiers by hand for each scene, Not tired??

He laughs. say: What's wrong with being tired, Not willing to let deep learning run at the low endarm Try it on the platform?

I get it right away.

The same person, Using traditional methods, Better effect than deep learning in specific scene, And pass5 Optimization of wheel algorithm, Just transplant the algorithm to the low-end platform, Every road is left for the company2K The cost of, It's a spirit of craftsmanship.

Last week with a CEO Friends out for dinner, He said he recruited some vegetable chicken Algorithm Engineers, Always want to buy more than one1080ti Graphics card, Improving R & D efficiency with deep learning method.

He told me.「 But you're different, You will always remind me, Keep me away from the comfort zone, I can't settle for the status quo, I need to be crisis conscious, You seem to be particularly interested in reusing traditional methods to solve problems.」

People need independence.

Still young forever, Tears in my eyes forever.

Still want to be full of expectation of beauty all the time, Yearning for the future, Awe of classics.

Remember, Know the world, but not the world, Far away from the Jianghu, It's the kindest maturity.