2016 year6 month, Junior, Finish the last subject, Silently watching the group of senior left one by one, Thinking about, When I graduate next year, I will lose everything you have, College people, Maybe not in my life—— Zhiyuan is a child who is far away from his hometown and studies in other provinces. however, I didn't think of it, What I lost, It's not just that group, Almost everything....

17 year1 month, Because I can't stand the haze in Beijing( It's a secondary cause), Run away from the internship company, Very reluctant to give up, just, I feel like I have a lot to do, A lot of dreams to achieve, after all, Look at the people around you, Went to the US regiment, Hold15k Monthly salary, It's a little unbalanced, I don't think he's very good, I work hard10k It should be ok?

   Back to school, Stayed for a few days. The guy who's been pouring poison and chicken soup all day is still not in a hurry to find a job: There will always be times, And then keep playing, The one who shouted to eat spicy hot pot every day, I don't remember eating this year, Ha-ha, The toilet still blows up once in a while, Um. I feel familiar with everything, just, I'm a little sad, After all, I have to change a group of people I don't know. Finish the exam, Finally, I can go back to Guangdong, It's been a year, I'm so happy, More is, For the girl who has not expressed her love for several years, I never thought I could say good night to a girl every day, Second second, however, To her, I did it.1 Guangzhou in June, It's neither hot nor cold. The air is fresh, Than Beijing, The soil in Tianjin is much better. just, I was rejected. Boyfriend or boyfriend, Spare wheel or spare wheel, I haven't thought about giving up, Until...

   During the Spring Festival, Put your own website <http://www.wenzhihuai.com>
Sort it out, Look at it.JVM And concurrency, Occasionally brush the questions of niuke.com, I don't think I have much problem, Go with your classmates, Go to Shenzhen, I don't have a ma Huateng, Ma Yun's dream, But I think, Make something, at least, Not a mediocre person. Cast several, First interview, I know it's the consequence of training and outsourcing, Spring move hasn't started yet, More preparation, Go to Shenzhen library when you have time, Find a place, Review quietly, That will happen. I feel like I can go to a big company, Make distributed, Big data and so on~

Tired interview process

  2 Resume slowly at the end of the month, Running job fairs, There are too few recruiters in Shenzhen, Then go to Guangzhou, University Town, Therefore, I started to go back and forth in Guangshen for two days a week. Some companies will take a written test in Guangzhou, One run at a time, I have to run on both sides, Every time I look at the toll, I really can't afford it, But there's hope. Under optimism, What's coming is a heavy blow.

  ** Digital, A promising company, It's an old brand in Guangzhou, The interviewer didn't bring enough papers for the written examination, Just take big data, It's over. When I was interviewedunion andunion
all Difference, The answer is reversed. Alsoleft join andright join Principle, A look of shame, After that, I went to Baidu to search, Where does this come from?

   And then an enterprise built a station, The written examination is over. The interviewer asked the question and left me without saying anything, forehead, I don't seem to have introduced myself.

   I want to go back to Beijing, I went to Beijing for a share,A Wheel company, A monthly salary10k, Past, I think I'm good at it, But he refused, Because when I think of it, it's full of haze.

   It is OK, Next house, A game company, The written exam was over. It's over, And then asked.flume Processing mechanism of network disconnection during collection,MD5 andRSA principle,Angulajs andVuejs No use, How to store tens of millions of data? forehead, Just like you think, I'll answer it together, And then I hung up, The interviewer told me, If you had come three months earlier, you would have, I'm nervous, Are the students in Guangdong so strong?

   I haven't questioned my technology at this time, Went to a small company in Shenzhen, Financial,HR Ask me if I have been trained, Suddenly my heart began to be bitter, The University spends so much time studying that it is actually used by others to compare with the people in training institutions, A logical question in English from nowhere, After that, I will take the written test on the computer, I can't do it. I can't see the interviewer, I began to feel that the company was a little bit.... It's still gone. It's gone.

   Suddenly I feel despair in the interview, Is it your problem? Is it my own technology? Start to doubt yourself, Feeling is also, Already3 The end of the month, After all, others are doing internships, And I've left3 Months out of work, But those problems are not a little out of line, At first, I started to have a mental explosion. How can I ask these questions to the new students, Shouldn't it be the foundation? Algorithm or something, And then there was no choice, Start searching the Internet for different technologies.

   And other interviews... Some wages are not high(6K Less than), Some of the interview questions are all answered correctly because if you want to do big data, you are not required, Some talk happily but have no news, Some say trick.java But a written testjava None of the questions are all front-end, Some Internet companies are outsourcing companies....

  4 At the beginning of the month, I was really desperate, Don't want to talk to others, Isn't it funny, One from BeijingB+ Round's company returns to Guangdong, Close interview15 individual, I can only get it2 individualoffer, One of them is outsourcing, I don't know what to say.13 We're going to take graduation photos, Did not go back, Four years of University, After all, there's not much communication between the circles, No friendship, Sure enough, The whole profession is2/3 People went to take graduation photos.4 month23 Number, Shenzhen station of lagoon, Dream of market, With a little hope, Go and throw it.5 individual, As a result, there was no interview invitation, In exchange for despair, Dark....

feeling, We graduated

  5 Back to school at the beginning of the month, Back to school, too, Run to the library every day, For the interview, Too many graduation projects. At leisure, Always think of the person I like, How are you doing, WeChat opens, It's like if I'm blocked or deleted? Three months of interviews, I really don't know how to deal with it, I don't know how to talk to her, So it's slowly isolated, This relationship, Maybe only I know how much I feel, Only myselfsb A little bit of care. I remember the last time I talked to her4 Mid month, Or she asked a question, and she didn't ask anything else, We didn't care about each other before. Delete it delete it, I didn't say goodbye, One sentence“ blessing” Did not say.

  5 Two happy things happened at the end of the month, My tutor asked me if I would like to comment on excellent papers, I don't really want to toss, Refused, My tutor still advised me, Just write one.3 Page summary, Comments can be kept in the library. The other thing is that treasure net called to say I had a visit, When do you meet twice, God!3 Month side,5 Notice at the end of the month, Heart wants to curse, But I'm really happy, Light in the dark, Tears running.... It's about time.6 month15 Interview No..

  6 Start your own countdown at the beginning of the month, Please have dinner with my only girl, Busy reply, And then there's the excellent paper,13 I handed it in on the afternoon of, Back to dormitory, Empty, Bear not to be sad again, Pack things up again, Then knock on every dorm, A farewell, A man dragging a suitcase, Um. I want to calm down..

   It's been a long time, I thought I was ready,15 Number, Shenzhen, Treasure net, Be asked: Do you have it or not?JVM Tuning experience
?ZK How consistency is maintained? Have you ever writtenELK Index experience? Talk about your right.dubbo Understanding... afterwards, I know I haven't. The state of mind really exploded, Playing games all night for two days. At the end of the month, Excellent papers have not been evaluated, No idea of Tucao. It's just oh,6 month, It's the end of my spring move, Declare to outsource, At the same time, it declared that all these efforts of our university were in vain, Run with the guy who plays games every day.

996 Work

   At the beginning of July, I asked the students who had joined the new year, Talk to people about the interview questions, Only thread pool,JVM Recovery algorithm, They didn't use it, I am helpless, Why am I asked, All isAngularjs,MD5 encryption algorithm,ZK The problem of consistency principle.....

   No environment, Create it by yourself, Change your website when you have time after workhttp://www.wenzhihuai.com <http://www.wenzhihuai.com>
,GitHub At present there are154 individualstar 了, I think it's also a small work, Commonly usedJava Technology stack(RabbitMQ,MongoDB etc.) Add up, Although there is no use scenario, But work hard, High concurrency after all, High availability is my dream. This yearGitHub Own submissions.

   Determined to stay, Learning and learning, Specialized research on product business technology of the company,7,8 The month is very happy, Not much overtime, Although I stayed in the company to study after work, Although the company's products are not so good, But there is something to learn, subsequently, What I didn't expect was, The company should implement996,,,9 Month to12 month, Every daybug, Development module, Write business, It's all about adding, deleting, modifying and checking, Not involvedredis,rabbitmq, It's really just for useHibernate,spring, And make things, To useJDK6 To run, You can see it todaysun Class. The state of every day is to be tired, Our group is not the worst, Next door project team, Twice a week overnight,9 Month to10 That's all. National day overtime, Every time I pass by their group, I think I'm happy. I hate the behavior of not treating employees as people, Some colleagues tease, Next year, it is estimated that we will, Do you want to leave2/3 People? The price of crazy overtime is at the expense of enthusiasm, I asked people who stay up twice a week, Knock code, Do you like this job as a programmer? Dislike!!! Once or twice, I'm so tired, I feel like I can't do it, Want to quit, however, Is there a company that wants me? Is there any company that doesn't ask those wonderful questions?

   Double Eleven, Spent500 Bought ten more books, Book of gods, The Bible of Computer Science, But up to now, I haven't read all of them, I didn't even do that, Every day after work9 It's half past. Boil water, Take a shower, Wash clothes, near11 Yes. On the bed, Read books and watch live quail, Just a few pages an hour,996 I'm really tired, I can't read. After months of overtime, Feel that their technology growth is negative, I've been sick a few times, My classmates see me. I feel a lot older, Disturbed in mind, But there's no way.


   Zhujiang New Town, It's beautiful all the year round, Tonight, it's the countdown of ten thousand people? It's been a long time since I went out with someone else. This year, it looks like I have autism? It's all about pornography. Looking for someone to go out, But cell phones don't have the kind of friends they've had for years, None of the college students are here, Ha ha ha, People say social software brings people closer, How can I find out that I don't have a good friend of my own, Crying and laughinging. Maybe I'm not good at keeping in touch with others, This needs to be changed. Must change!!!
Far see:

Close look:

Sometimes, Encounter difficulties, Feel like you're not a God, There's no need to hold back, I began to vent my emotions, Like crazy games, It's the only way.
The most I heard this year, You are really something, Hello, Niu.== I feel the same, unfortunately, It's going to take a lot of time for business..
《 enterpriseIT The way of structural transformation》 It's the best Architecture Book of the year, Not one of them..


   Think of junior high school, The teacher asked me to write my English composition on the blackboard, It's like a letter, Describe what's going on here? In the end, I'd like to add a paragraph at the end of the article to persuade others not to be sad but to be brilliant. I also think of an old story事,二战以后,德国满目疮痍,他们处在这样一个凄惨的境地,还能想到在桌上摆设一些花,就一定能在废墟上重建家园.我所看到的是即使在再黑暗的状态下,要永远抱着希望.明年要更加努力的学习,而不是工作,是该挽留一些人了,多运动.说了那么多,其实,我只希望自己的运气不要再差了,再差就没法活了.人在遇到不顺的时候,往往最难过的一关便是自己.哈哈哈,只能学我那个同学给自己灌毒鸡汤了.加油加油↖(^ω^)↗