docker --help: 45 commands

12 images Related commands:

docker pull Get allrepo Upperdocker images

docker images List all localdocker images

docker search lookupdocker images

docker build/commit/import/load generatedocker images, build Is based ondocker
file Compilation and generation,commit Is submittedcontainer Ofchange Generate a new, import Is readtarball generate, load Is readstdout generate

docker save Preservationdocker image reacha tar archive (streamed to STDOUT)

docker push Submissiondocker images

docker tag To submit torepo Insideimage hittag

docker rmi deleteimages

docker history Seeimage History

Docker Container Related commands:

14 Commonly usedcontainer instructions:

create : Create newcontainer

start/restart: start-up/ Restartcontainer

stop/kill: Stop or killcontainer

rm: deletecontainer

exec/run: stay container Internal execution instruction

cp: holdlocalsystem andcontainer Betweencp file

attach: attach To currently runningcontainer

rename: container Rename

ps: List allcontainer

update: To updatecontainer Configuration

7 individualcontainder Process related:

pause/unpause: suspend/ Functioncontainer All internal processes

logs: Seecontainer Log

stats: Seecontainer Resource usage

port:  listcontainer Port mapping of

top: Display currentcontainer Currently running process

wait: Waiting for thiscontainer Normal roll out and return to exit code

2 individualcontainer File system related:

diff: inspectcontainer File system changes

export: exportcontainer reachtar

1 individualcontainer andimages Common inspection instructions:

inspect: Returncontainer perhapsimage The underlying information of