Distributed: Different modules are deployed on different servers
Effect: Distributed solution to high concurrency of websites

colony: Multiple servers deploy the same application to form a cluster
Effect: Provide external services through load balancing equipment

SOA: Business system is decomposed into multiple components, Let each component provide discretization independently, autonomy, Reusable service capabilities, Realize the upper business process through service composition and arrangement
Effect: Simplified maintenance, Reduce overall risk, Flexible and flexible

Micro service
: Architecture design concept, Isolation between services( Distributed is also isolated), autonomy( The whole combination of distributed dependence) Other characteristics( Single duty, boundary, asynchronous communication, Independent deployment) It's the concept of distribution and strict implementationSOA Evolution to microservice architecture
Effect: Each service can be applied independently, Composite services can also be applied systematically

Distributed: One business splits multiple sub businesses, Deployed on different servers

colony: Same business, Deploy on multiple servers

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