One, Overview of online game industry

Online games are composed of software programs and information data, Through the Internet, Game products and services provided by mobile communication network and other information networks, Players can interact with other users by controlling personas or scenes in the game, Entertainment, Communication and communication purposes. With social modernization, Continuous advancement of electronization, On the basis of increasingly satisfying material level, People's demand for spiritual entertainment is constantly increasing, Online game is based on its story, Social and communication characteristics, It has become one of the main ways of leisure and entertainment for contemporary people, The market scale of online games is also expanding.

According to different game terminals, Online games are mainly divided into three categories: Client games( End trip), Web game( Webpage Game) And mobile games( Mobile game/ Mobile Games). The client game mainly refers to the game that can run only when a large software client is downloaded on the computer, Web game refers to direct click to open a web page and only use itflashplayer Games that can be run by plug-ins, Mobile games generally refer to games that can run on mobile phones and other mobile terminals.

Online games can be generally divided into role playing, Simulation strategy, Chess and card leisure, Five categories of leisure sports and community interaction. Role playing games generally useMMORPG(MassiveMultiplayerOnlineRole-PlayingGame),PRG(Role-PlayingGame) Mainly; Simulation strategy games generally useSLG(SimulationGame)TCG(TradingCardGame) Mainly; Chess and card leisure games are generally dominated by chess and card games and adventure games; Leisure sports games include racing games, Dance games, ball games, etc; Community interactive games have strong social attributes, For example, the truth of the big adventure, Farm stealing vegetables, etc.

Two, The growth rate of online game industry is relatively stable, Mobile games have become the core pillar

Online game industry2005 The rapid growth period began in,《 Legend》,《 Fantasy Westward Journey》,《 Big talk Westward Journey2》,《 World of Warcraft》,《 Journey》 and《 ask the way》 A large number of excellent online game masterpieces came out, Bring unprecedented prosperity to the whole online game industry.2013 Year on year growth of China's online game market38%, After that, the growth rate of the industry continued to decline,2016 Annual industry growth17.7%, Marking the rapid growth of China's online game industry into a mature and stable development cycle.

2012-2018 The changing trend of China's online game market in

data sources: China Business Industry Research Institute

Although the overall growth of online game industry has entered a stable period, But there are obvious differences in the performance of market segments.2016 year, End trip, The market size of page Games has declined, Industry tends to be saturated, Manufacturers face stock game. Corresponding to this,2016 Year on year growth of Chinese mobile game market59%, Though compared with2015 Annual growth slows down, But still in a period of rapid growth.

2013 Year begins, End game and page game market share are declining, The market share of mobile games is rising rapidly.2016 year, Market scale of Chinese mobile games819 Billion, For the first time583 Billion becomes the largest market segment. The market share of mobile games has increased year by year, And the fastest growth rate, The main focus of the future online game market is still in the mobile game market.

2012-2018 China end tour in, Webpage Game, Change trend of mobile game market scale

data sources: China Business Industry Research Institute
Three, Demographic dividend exhausted, Stable user scale

By2016 End of the year, The scale of online game users in China has reached4.17 Billion, Increased by about260 ten thousand, About the total Internet users57%.

2012-2018 Statistics of China's online game users in

data sources:CNNIC, China Business Industry Research Institute

among,2016 Annual mobile game users3.85 Billion people, Year-on-year growth7.5%, Speed up self2013 Year on year decline, There are two main reasons:1) The user base is already very large, Disappearance of demographic dividend;2) More products, Heteromorphism and homogeneity.

And the core reason is the disappearance of demographic dividend.2016 year, The number of mobile game users in China is3.85 Billion people, The total number of game users is4.17 Billion people, The number of mobile Internet users is6.75 Billion people. From permeability analysis, The number of domestic mobile game users accounts for the total number of domestic game users92%, Of total mobile users57%, The penetration rate of mobile players to the whole game players is close to saturation, Demographic dividend no longer.

Whether it's a client, Mobile or mobile, The user scale of the game has reached the bottleneck, China's game market scale needs to be further improved in fine operation, Product innovation, Industrial convergence, Looking for a breakthrough in international development.

Four, Domestic game export, Looking for a bluer Market

The demographic dividend of domestic mobile games is disappearing, Industry concentration increased, Small and medium-sized game companies are facing huge survival pressure. Intra industry“ If you don't go out to sea, you're out” Become a consensus, Many small and medium-sized game companies are looking for more blue ocean foreign markets.2008 year, Overseas sales revenue of domestic online games7000 Ten thousand yuan,2016 The overseas sales revenue of domestic online games increased to72.3 Billion yuan,GAGR reach78.5%.

2012-2018 Overseas sales revenue of China's independent R & D online games in

data sources: China Business Industry Research Institute
There are three main driving factors for the export of Chinese original games: first, Export of mobile games promotes industrial development; Second, Product localization speed has been significantly improved; Third, Frequent exchanges between domestic and foreign game enterprises.

The reasons for the rapid growth of the export of Chinese original games in recent years, In addition to the continuous improvement of the overall scale and product quality of online games, Another reason is that more enterprises are no longer limited to simple authorized export mode, And start experimenting with multiple modes. More and more companies choose to establish subsidiaries in China and operate independently overseas, At the same time, M & A will become an important means of overseas expansion.

Future, With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic game market, Overseas market will become the indisputable place for domestic companies, Game companies will launch differentiated products, And export the game overseas in various ways including independent operation, So as to realize the growth of overseas export scale of online games independently developed by China.

Five, Analysis of key enterprises in online game industry

1. Tencent Holdings Limited

Tencent was founded in1999 year, Listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong. at present, Tencent“ Connect everything” As a strategic goal, Provide two core services: social platform and digital content. Via IM toolsQQ, Wechat andWeChat, Tencent portal, Tencent game, Social networking platformQQ Space and other leading network platforms in China, Meet Internet user communication, information, Entertainment and financial needs. By2017 year3 month31 day,QQ The number of active accounts reached8.61 Billion, The maximum number of simultaneous online accounts reached2.66 Billion; WeChat andWeChat The number of consolidated monthly active accounts reached9.38 Billion.

According to Tencent2017 Financial report for the third quarter of, The company2017 year1-9 Year on year growth of monthly income51% RMB to RMB421.24 Billion yuan. Online game revenue growth48% RMB to RMB268.44 Billion yuan. This growth mainly reflects the smartphone games( Include《 Glory of Kings》 Existing games and《 Contra: Return》 And《 Classic version of Tianlong Tour》 And other new games) Contribution.PC End game revenue also increased, benefit from《 DungeonFighter》 and《 League of Heroes》 And other major games.

2. Perfect World Co. Ltd

Perfect world founded in2004 year. Former US listed company, Currently listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. rely on《 Perfect World》,《 Legend of chusen》 Sustainable operation of equal end Tourism, Make the company an old manufacturer in the end game market, It also brings a number of end transfer resources to the company. In the field of mobile games,《 Legend of chusen》,《 Magic land》,《 Legend of archery Heroes2》 Good performance of other hand games, It will go online in the future《 ?Perfect World International》,《 Laughing and fighting》,《 The spread of Wulin》 Waiting for the end to change hands. Remove end transfer, Companies and things like《 Torchlight》,《 Little Star》 High quality tour.

In the field of E-sports,《Dota2》 And《CS:GO》 China national service is the sole agent of the company, Strong event influence, Another competitive game《 Genesis Chariot》 to2017 year7 month11 Japan Online; In the field of mainframe, The company is one of the few manufacturers in China that has the ability to produce computer games, Existing《 No winterol》 Host version; In the field of film and television, Company in2016 Purchase of Jindian cinema at the end of the year, Enter the hospital market, At the same time, they're going online《 Sword attack》,《 Deep sea sword》,《 Magic dog Season 3》 And other high-quality TV plays in line with the theme, among《 Sword attack》 It is the second batch of celebration of the founding of the army issued by the TV drama department of SARFT90 One of the annual reference plays, Another part《 Deep sea razor》 All for the military Festival, Recommended on Tencent video Homepage; At sea, Perfect world overseas layout earlier, Global production, Global distribution, Global partnership for development strategy,2008 year4 In June, perfect world established a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United StatesPerfectWorldEntertainmentInc;2010 Established a wholly-owned European subsidiary at the beginning of the year;2010 year4 Acquired Japan in MayC&CMediaCo.Ltd. Wholly owned subsidiary;2010 year5 US game studioRunicGames,Inc. Majority interest in;2011 year8 In May, it acquired a famous online game company in the United StatesCrypticStudios100% stock right;2012 Year after year in Malaysia, South Korea and other places have set up subsidiaries. Currently owned globally20 Multiple branches, Game distribution to100 More than countries and regions.

2017 year1-9 month, Perfect the world to realize business income55.24 Billion yuan, Net profit10.36 Billion yuan.

3. Forgame Holdings Limited

Yunyou holding was founded in2011 year, Listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong, China's leading mobile game and web game company. Since its establishment, Yunyou has launched hundreds of games in China and overseas markets, Group's proprietary game distribution platform91wan Total attraction accumulated over2 Billion registered users.

2017 First season of the year, The company has started「ClothesForever」 External testing of, This game is a leisure mobile game, Let players mix and match various clothes in the virtual world, Redefining fashion concept. The main target market of the game is Europe and North America, And embed e-commerce platform into the game. As for the game aspect in development, The company is developing a stress stimulus called「BattleSpace」 MobileSLG Game( Simulation game). This game is developed by「Liberators」 Developed by the same team of, International target market and「Liberators」 identical. The game is planned forGoogle andiOS Publish on the store. A new game has been launched recently「 True king(HTML5 Edition)」. This mobile game is adapted from the company's own web game intellectual property rights released on Tencent platform「 True king」.

2017 year1-6 month, Business income realized by Yunyou holding1.25 Billion yuan, Net profit-0.18 Billion yuan. among, Game business income from2016 In the second half of3350 RMB 10000 increased to5310 Ten thousand yuan, Amplitude increase58.4%.

Six, Analysis of the future development trend of online games

1. The picture quality of domestic games keeps improving

according to《 China's Game Industry Report》( series), In two markets at home and abroad, The market share of online games independently developed by game enterprises in China has occupied an important position, And in a state of rapid growth. Due to the continuous growth of the overall game revenue scale in China's market, Players' requirements for the quality of game products are constantly improving, This will drive game companies in the game engine, Picture quality, Continuous progress in details. Foreseeable, Future online game market3D The trend is obvious, Market pairs3D Increasing demand for online games, Ability to develop high quality3D Developers of online games will gain more market dominance. meanwhile, First-class3D Game development enterprises will also rely on their own promoted game brands, Enhance their own operational strength.

2. Increasingly fierce competition in overseas market

With the continuous improvement of the overall quality of online games in China, Increasingly fierce competition in domestic game market, Game companies begin to pay attention to the overseas market.2016 year, China's independent research and development of online games overseas market revenue reached72.3 Billion dollars, relatively2015 Year on year growth36.2%.

at present, Copyright export mode is still the main mode for Chinese game enterprises to export overseas, Domestic enterprises collect one-off royalties and revenue sharing. But with the development of domestic game developers and games营商实力的不断增强,许多公司也通过直接在海外设立子公司独立运营游戏的方式进行游戏出口.近年来,我国几家具备较强产品开发能力和丰富海外市场经验的游戏开发商已在国外设立分支机构,自主运营游戏产品,如完美世界在美国,荷兰和日本,本公司在美国,俄罗斯,韩国,日本及香港,均已组建了从事相关业务的子公司.自主运营能够更贴近海外市场,运营更具有针对性,有望进一步增强国产游戏在国际市场的影响力.




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