One 、 Overview of online game industry

Online games are composed of software programs and information data , Through the Internet 、 Game products and services provided by mobile communication network and other information networks , Players can interact with other users by controlling personas or scenes in the game , Achieve Entertainment 、 Communication and communication purposes 。 With social modernization 、 Continuous advancement of electronization , On the basis of increasingly satisfying material level , People's demand for spiritual entertainment is constantly increasing , Online game is based on its story 、 Social and communication characteristics , It has become one of the main ways of leisure and entertainment for contemporary people , The market scale of online games is also expanding 。

According to different game terminals , Online games are mainly divided into three categories : Client games ( Terminal Tour )、 Web games ( Webpage Game ) And mobile games ( mobile game / Mobile Games )。 The client game mainly refers to the game that can run only when a large software client is downloaded on the computer , Web game refers to direct click to open a web page and only use it flashplayer Games that can be run by plug-ins , Mobile games generally refer to games that can run on mobile phones and other mobile terminals 。

Online games can be generally divided into role playing 、 Simulation strategy 、 Chess and card leisure 、 Five categories of leisure sports and community interaction 。 Role playing games generally use MMORPG(MassiveMultiplayerOnlineRole-PlayingGame)、PRG(Role-PlayingGame) Mainly ; Simulation strategy games generally use SLG(SimulationGame)TCG(TradingCardGame) Mainly ; Chess and card leisure games are generally dominated by chess and card games and adventure games ; Leisure sports games include racing games 、 Dance games, ball games, etc ; Community interactive games have strong social attributes , For example, the truth of the big adventure 、 Farm stealing vegetables, etc 。

Two 、 The growth rate of online game industry is relatively stable , Mobile games have become the core pillar

Online game industry 2005 The rapid growth period began in ,《 legend 》、《 Dream journey to the West 》、《 A journey to the West 2》、《 World of Warcraft 》、《 journey 》 and 《 ask the way 》 A large number of excellent online game masterpieces came out , Bring unprecedented prosperity to the whole online game industry 。2013 Year on year growth of China's online game market 38%, After that, the growth rate of the industry continued to decline ,2016 Annual industry growth 17.7%, Marking the rapid growth of China's online game industry into a mature and stable development cycle 。

2012-2018 The changing trend of China's online game market in

data sources : China Business Industry Research Institute

Although the overall growth of online game industry has entered a stable period , But there are obvious differences in the performance of market segments 。2016 year , Terminal Tour 、 The market size of page Games has declined , Industry tends to be saturated , Manufacturers face stock game 。 Corresponding to this ,2016 Year on year growth of Chinese mobile game market 59%, Although compared with 2015 Annual growth slows down , But still in a period of rapid growth 。

2013 From , End game and page game market share are declining , The market share of mobile games is rising rapidly 。2016 year , Market scale of Chinese mobile games 819 Billion , For the first time 583 Billion becomes the largest market segment 。 The market share of mobile games has increased year by year , And the fastest growth rate , The main focus of the future online game market is still in the mobile game market 。

2012-2018 China end tour in 、 Webpage Game 、 Change trend of mobile game market scale

data sources : China Business Industry Research Institute
Three 、 Demographic dividend exhausted , Stable user scale

by 2016 end of the year , The scale of online game users in China has reached 4.17 Billion , Increased by about 260 ten thousand , About the total Internet users 57%。

2012-2018 Statistics of China's online game users in

data sources :CNNIC、 China Business Industry Research Institute

among ,2016 Annual mobile game users 3.85 100 million , Year on year growth 7.5%, Growth rate from 2013 Year on year decline , There are two main reasons :1) The user base is already very large , Disappearance of demographic dividend ;2) Many products 、 Heteromorphism and homogeneity 。

And the core reason is the disappearance of demographic dividend 。2016 year , The number of mobile game users in China is 3.85 100 million , The total number of game users is 4.17 100 million , The number of mobile Internet users is 6.75 100 million 。 From permeability analysis , The number of domestic mobile game users accounts for the total number of domestic game users 92%, Of total mobile users 57%, The penetration rate of mobile players to the whole game players is close to saturation , Demographic dividend no longer 。

Whether it's a client , Mobile or mobile , The user scale of the game has reached the bottleneck , China's game market scale needs to be further improved in fine operation 、 Product innovation 、 Industrial integration 、 Looking for a breakthrough in international development 。

Four 、 Domestic game export , Looking for a bluer Market

The demographic dividend of domestic mobile games is disappearing , Industry concentration increased , Small and medium-sized game companies are facing huge survival pressure 。 Within the industry “ If you don't go out to sea, you're out ” Become a consensus , Many small and medium-sized game companies are looking for more blue ocean foreign markets 。2008 year , Overseas sales revenue of domestic online games 7000 Ten thousand yuan ,2016 The overseas sales revenue of domestic online games increased to 72.3 100 million yuan ,GAGR reach 78.5%。

2012-2018 Overseas sales revenue of China's independent R & D online games in

data sources : China Business Industry Research Institute
There are three main driving factors for the export of Chinese original games : first , Export of mobile games promotes industrial development ; second , Product localization speed has been significantly improved ; third , Frequent exchanges between domestic and foreign game enterprises 。

The reasons for the rapid growth of the export of Chinese original games in recent years , In addition to the continuous improvement of the overall scale and product quality of online games , Another reason is that more enterprises are no longer limited to simple authorized export mode , And start experimenting with multiple modes 。 More and more companies choose to establish subsidiaries in China and operate independently overseas , At the same time, M & A will become an important means of overseas expansion 。

future , With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic game market , Overseas market will become the indisputable place for domestic companies , Game companies will launch differentiated products , And export the game overseas in various ways including independent operation , So as to realize the growth of overseas export scale of online games independently developed by China 。

Five 、 Analysis of key enterprises in online game industry

1. Tencent Holdings Limited

Tencent was founded in 1999 year , Listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong 。 at present , Tencent “ Connect everything ” As a strategic goal , Provide two core services: social platform and digital content 。 Via IM tools QQ、 Wechat and WeChat、 Tencent portal 、 Tencent games 、 Social networking platform QQ Space and other leading network platforms in China , Meet Internet user communication 、 real-time info 、 Entertainment and financial needs 。 by 2017 year 3 month 31 day ,QQ The number of active accounts reached 8.61 Billion , The maximum number of simultaneous online accounts reached 2.66 Billion ; Wechat and WeChat The number of consolidated monthly active accounts reached 9.38 Billion 。

According to Tencent 2017 Financial report for the third quarter of , The company 2017 year 1-9 Year on year growth of monthly income 51% To RMB 421.24 100 million yuan 。 Online game revenue growth 48% To RMB 268.44 100 million yuan 。 This growth mainly reflects the smartphone games ( include 《 Glory of Kings 》 Existing games and 《 Contra : Return 》 And 《 Classic version of Tianlong Tour 》 Waiting for new games ) Contribution of 。PC End game revenue also increased , benefit from 《 DungeonFighter 》 and 《 League of Heroes 》 And other major games 。

2. Perfect World Co., Ltd

Perfect world founded in 2004 year 。 Former US listed company , Currently listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange 。 rely on 《 Perfect World 》、《 legend of chusen 》 Sustainable operation of equal end Tourism , Make the company an old manufacturer in the end game market , It also brings a number of end transfer resources to the company 。 In the field of mobile games ,《 legend of chusen 》、《 Land of gods and Demons 》、《 Legend of archery Heroes 2》 Good performance in other hand games , It will go online in the future 《 ?Perfect World International 》、《 Smiling and proud in the Jianghu 》、《 Outside the Wulin 》 Waiting for the end to change hands 。 Remove end transfer , Companies and things like 《 Torchlight 》、《 Little Star 》 High quality tour 。

In the field of E-sports ,《Dota2》 And 《CS:GO》 China national service is the sole agent of the company , Strong event influence , Another competitive game 《 Genesis Chariot 》 to 2017 year 7 month 11 Online ; In the field of mainframe , The company is one of the few manufacturers in China that has the ability to produce computer games , existing 《 No winter ol》 Host version ; In the field of film and television , Company on 2016 Purchase of Jindian cinema at the end of the year , Enter the hospital market , At the same time, they're going online 《 Blade attack 》、《 Deep sea sword 》、《 Magic dog Season 3 》 And other high-quality TV plays in line with the theme , among 《 Blade attack 》 It is the second batch of celebration of the founding of the army issued by the TV drama department of SARFT 90 One of the annual reference plays , Another 《 Deep sea blade 》 All for the military Festival , Recommended on Tencent video Homepage ; At sea , Perfect world overseas layout earlier , Global production 、 Global distribution 、 Global partnership for development strategy ,2008 year 4 In June, perfect world established a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States PerfectWorldEntertainmentInc;2010 Established a wholly-owned European subsidiary at the beginning of the year ;2010 year 4 Acquired Japan in May C&CMediaCo.Ltd. Wholly owned subsidiary ;2010 year 5 US game studio RunicGames,Inc. Majority interest in ;2011 year 8 In May, it acquired a famous online game company in the United States CrypticStudios100% stock right ;2012 Year after year in Malaysia 、 South Korea and other places have set up subsidiaries 。 Currently owned globally 20 Multiple branches , Game distribution to 100 More than countries and regions 。

2017 year 1-9 month , Perfect the world to realize business income 55.24 100 million yuan , Net profit 10.36 100 million yuan 。

3. Forgame Holdings Limited

Yunyou holding was founded in 2011 year , Listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong , China's leading mobile game and web game company 。 Since its establishment, Yunyou has launched hundreds of games in China and overseas markets , Group's proprietary game distribution platform 91wan Total attraction accumulated over 2 Billion registered users 。

2017 The first quarter of , The company has started 「ClothesForever」 External testing of , This game is a leisure mobile game , Let players mix and match various clothes in the virtual world , Redefining fashion concept 。 The main target market of the game is Europe and North America , And embed e-commerce platform into the game 。 As for the game aspect in development , The company is developing a stress stimulus called 「BattleSpace」 The movement of SLG game ( Simulation game )。 This game is developed by 「Liberators」 Developed by the same team of , International target market and 「Liberators」 identical 。 The game is planned for Google and iOS Publish on the store 。 A new game has been launched recently 「 True king (HTML5 edition )」。 This mobile game is adapted from the company's own web game intellectual property rights released on Tencent platform 「 True king 」。

2017 year 1-6 month , Business income realized by Yunyou holding 1.25 100 million yuan , Net profit -0.18 100 million yuan 。 among , Game business income from 2016 In the second half of 3350 RMB 10000 increased to 5310 Ten thousand yuan , Up to 58.4%。

Six 、 Analysis of the future development trend of online games

1. The picture quality of domestic games keeps improving

according to 《 China's Game Industry Report 》( series ), In two markets at home and abroad , The market share of online games independently developed by game enterprises in China has occupied an important position , And in a state of rapid growth 。 Due to the continuous growth of the overall game revenue scale in China's market , Players' requirements for the quality of game products are constantly improving , This will drive game companies in the game engine 、 Picture quality 、 Continuous progress in details 。 Predictable , Future online game market 3D The trend is obvious , Market pair 3D Increasing demand for online games , Ability to develop high quality 3D Developers of online games will gain more market dominance 。 meanwhile , first-class 3D Game development enterprises will also rely on their own promoted game brands , Enhance their own operational strength 。

2. Increasingly fierce competition in overseas market

With the continuous improvement of the overall quality of online games in China , Increasingly fierce competition in domestic game market , Game companies begin to pay attention to the overseas market 。2016 year , China's independent research and development of online games overseas market revenue reached 72.3亿美元,较2015年同比增长36.2%。





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