It's time to go home for the new year, ineluctable, I also want to explain this year's career with my parents and the three grandmothers and six aunts who will arrive later, Can't help but want to write a poem:

Go home every year like college entrance examination

There are so many relatives' problems

Be patient and answer well

Otherwise, the Spring Festival is not good

Those years, About work, As a programmer, what questions or misunderstandings have you encountered from your relatives and friends?

What kind of group are programmers in the eyes of laymen?

“ Let's play a code for my uncle and aunt”▼

“ Come and fix my computer”▼

“ Fifty thousand a month is like five thousand a month?”▼

“ You did the product manager's car accident”▼

“ Be careful to wear a green hat”▼

“ The same style of plaid shirt you have 10 Piece bar”▼

“ Come out again Bug I will sacrifice you to heaven”▼

“ Women programmers are men”▼

“ Is not hair loss due to work unsaturation”▼

There are so many misunderstandings about our programmers...... Here's not a list! As a programmer, No one knows the life of a programmer better than himself, Every programmer has his own ideal, But what's the company besides that broken computer?

Today's editor uses the method of moving graph to show you the teaser of programmers, Lovely group.

Programmer humor: Make you laugh till you have stomachache

The living state of programmers▼

Dual coreCPU Truth▼

Learning in those days C The process of language▼

Test environment everything ok, Immediately on line▼

debugging Bug▼

Debugging, Suddenly, the memory overflowed▼

What the fuck, You move my code, Do you know how serious the consequences are▼

Requirements document changed again▼

Senior programmer explains how to use his library▼

A single Internet dog day▼

Go home in Spring Festival, There are always questions from family members, As a programmer, how do you explain programming to laymen?

Programmers explain programming to laymen like this

This answer is not about how programmers buy apples in their lives, It's about buying Apple as an example of how programmers solve problems.

Programmers need a thorough analysis of the problem, Clarify all the details involved, Forecast all possible accidents and non accidents, List all steps of the solution, And test the solution as comprehensively as possible.

And that's what I think is hard to program, Any omission will become Bug, Light will lead to scolding, In particular, it will cause economic loss or even harm safety.

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