Written in the novice:


 MinGW( Recommended usecodeblocks DirectoryMinGW Folder, Directly available. Of coursedevc++ And so on.)



1. For this reason, I upload a compiler's compressed package, Unzip to the appropriate folder, Put in English only path!


2. Now there aremingw 了, Then prepare to configure environment variables

Recordmingw inbin Path to folder

Add topath System variables( Manual Baidu steps for configuration of environment variables)

Don't forget the semicolon, Semicolons are half semicolons in English

Then click three OK

3. Verify configuration succeeded

win+r>>cmd>>g++ -v, Be carefulg++ and -v Space between.

Pictured, The variable is configured successfully.


downloadnotepad++, And open

Here is a recommended theme

Set up》》 Language formatting》》 Set and save as shown in the figure

5. Get down to business, clicknotepad++ Operation of menu bar》》 Function

Enter the following:cmd /k cd /d "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" & g++ "$(FILE_NAME)" -o
"$(NAME_PART)" & "$(NAME_PART).exe"

Enter the following:cmd /k cd /d "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" & g++ "$(FILE_NAME)" -o
"$(NAME_PART)" & "$(NAME_PART).exe"

Pay attention to the quotation marks

Click save

Set name and shortcut key

Click the menu bar again to see your compiler, Then you can use the shortcut key directly in thenotepad Compiled on

The purpose is to compile some small programs easily and quickly, Instead of waiting for someIDE It took a long time to start.notepad Second drive.