One, A wastepaper basket

command+delete: deletexx To waste paper basket

command+delete+shift: Empty Trash

command+shift+A: Go to the application directory

command+shift+C: go tocomputer Catalog

command+shift+H: go tohome Catalog

Two, Top row special key

esc f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 f8 f9 f10 f11 f12  Power Supply


f1 andf2:  Adjust brightness

f3: mission control

f4: launchpad key

f5 andf6:  lighting

f7,f8 andf9:  media( Fast forward, Quick retreat, suspend)

f10:  Mute

f11 andf12: volume


Three,command Shortcut keys

1, File tired

command+c: copy

command+v: paste

command+x: Clip and paste

command+option+v: move( Similar to clip copy)

2, Application fatigue


command+w: Close the current window

command+q: Exit the software completely

command+option+esc: forced return

command+z: Revoke( File deletion? Document editing error?)


command+A: All election

command+delete: delete

command+s: Preservation

command+N: New things in use

command+space: Switch input method

command+tab: switch application

Four, Touch control board

Double finger opening and closing: Zoom page or picture

Double fingers close together, Left stroke: Show notification Center

Double finger slide up and down: Browse document, website

Double finger continuous light spot: Zoom in orpdf

Three finger scanning: On desktop and full screenapp Switch between

Three up swipe: Overviewmac Everything running on

Five, application

.app  .dmg Etc, Installation time, Drag to[ Application folder] To complete the installation;command+delete Uninstall