With the explosive growth of Internet and mobile traffic, In recent years Redis,MongoDB,HBase Represented NoSQL The rapid development of database,NoSQL
Fast realization of business requirements by database, Relaxed, low cost, Scalable features are popular with business developers and system maintainers, Make it develop from the original cutting-edge technology into a standard part of the technical architecture.

With artificial intelligence,“ Internet+” The coming of the times, We will usher in an Internet of things, The era of data explosion, The challenge for the database level will be more and more. In the future, each type of database should not stay in its own solidified field, Need to be closer to the application scenario, Choice“ fuse”,“ Breach” Strategy, More choices for users.

Integration of database software and hardware

Prediction according to Moore's law, The computer hardware will be 18-24
Months of explosive evolution and progress, How to make better use of the technology dividend of hardware in database kernel technology, Provide users with ultimate performance and stable experience, Need continuous efforts of each database product. as:25GE Network and
RDMA The emergence of new technology, How to better adapt database kernel technology to build distributed database for users is a new challenge and subject.

OLTP And OLAP Fusion

Traditional database architecture, Online data processing(OLTP) And online data analysis(OLAP) Data often needs two copies of storage, Efficiency and cost are challenges. Based on one data OLTP And
OLAP Mixed processing, Free from traditional data warehouseETL process, Reduce storage costs while greatly reducing data analysis latency, Make real-time analysis and decision system possible, Become the future direction of database development.

NoSQL And NewSQL Fusion

Lately NewSQL The rise of concept,NewSQL A new type of relational database system, In the light ofOLTP( read- write) Workload, Seeking to provide and NoSQL
The same extended performance of the system, And still ACID and SQL Other characteristics.NoSQL
Database system design, How to continuously improve the expansion performance, Separation of database computing and data storage, The enhanced ability to deal with things is NewSQL The way of integration.

Cost breakthrough

With AI and“ Internet+” Arrival, Explosive growth in data, If we keep cutting costs and providing more choices, It is to help the development and future of enterprises NoSQL
The premise of database being widely used. Provide multiple data storage methods, Automatic processing of hot and cold data separation and data compression is the product direction of subsequent databases to help users control costs.

Breakthrough in performance

The era of data explosion, Huge amount of data is a big problem. But with the Internet in traditional industries+ Drive and the arrival of the Internet of things,“ Ultimate speed” It's a byword of the times. Database needs to show extreme performance on the basis of huge data, Provide end users with a silky experience through fast response.NoSQL Database needs to make better use of the bonus brought by hardware in performance, Continuously upgrade the technical architecture, Multiple performance improvements.

Breakthrough in stability

2017 year 11 month 28 day, Bitcoin transaction price breakthrough 1
The news of ten thousand dollars is encouraging, But behind bitcoin's popularity is the essence of a core: Decentralized blockchain Technology. The future technology will be open, Delayering, Decentralized development of equality, So the requirement for the stability of the database has reached a new height. The database will be disaster tolerant to the same city, Remote disaster recovery, Development of multi living directions in different places, Continuously improve the stability of business access, Guarantee the permanent continuity of services.

Since the new era, Since the future. Magnitude of data, form, The pattern will be ever-changing, But what remains unchanged is data storage.“ fuse”,“ Breach” will be NoSQL Database and even the continuous advanced path of database.

2018 year 1 month 17 day, Alibaba cloud annual database intelligent future conference will be held in Beijing Star base, Talking about database fusion and breakthrough, Alibaba cloud database director, Product owner,Redis
The father and other big guys bring you a feast of database, Forecast database future 20 Development trend in, Scan the code to sign up for the conference: