Linux Environmental Science , I use ubuntu16.04.

install TensorFlow, This can be done step by step according to the guidance of the official website , It should be noted that when installing online, you need to turn over the wall , Yes CPU and GPU Two versions , recommend GPU( If any N Card's words )

use Git Download items git clone:

download VGG19. Download address : 
Download it to the project directory

Open terminal , Switch to current folder input : python --content Original picture file name --styles Style picture file name
--out Generate picture file name

for example :python --content Content.jpg --styles Style.jpg --out
OutFile.jpg, Here's one thing to pay attention to , If the prompt cannot find the file, put the original image and style image on the root directory , that is VGG19 Folder .

Then all we need is to wait .

If the installation of dependency environment fails or various errors are reported here, there is a simple and crude method

pip install Name to install

as :pip install TensorFlow ( notes : The installation should be cpu Version of , Very slow )

( If it's installed PIP) as for pip There are many ways to install the tutorial Online , In case of an error, change the method .

Just install it pip. The rest is much easier .