Linux Environmental Science, What I use isubuntu16.04.

installTensorFlow, This can be done step by step according to the guidance of the official website, It should be noted that when installing online, you need to turn over the wall, YesCPU andGPU Two versions, RecommendGPU( If there isN Words of cards)

UseGit Download itemsgit clone:

downloadVGG19. Download address: 
Download it to the project directory

Open terminal, Switch to current folder input: python --content Original picture file name --styles Style picture file name
--out Generate picture file name

for example:python --content Content.jpg --styles Style.jpg --out
OutFile.jpg, Here's one thing to pay attention to, If the prompt cannot find the file, put the original image and style image on the root directory, that isVGG19 Folder.

Then all we need is to wait.

If the installation of dependency environment fails or various errors are reported here, there is a simple and crude method

pip install Name to install

as:pip install TensorFlow ( notes: The installation should becpu Version, Very slowly)

( If it's installedPIP) As forpip There are many ways to install the tutorial Online, In case of an error, change the method.

Just install itpip. The rest is much easier.