PS Interface:
menu bar, Property bar, toolbar, Editing area, Activity panel

PS Function:
image processing( Later stage, Portrait restoration and beautification); Typesetting( book, Magazine, Inkjet printing, Advertisement); Webpage,APP Layout.

PS Edition:
CS2 3 4 5 6       CC (creative cloud)       CC 2014
CC2015            CC2017                    CC2018
Software   General singular   Add experimental features   Even numbered versions are generally stable

Shortcut keys:
Various tools have their shortcut key letters( for example, The move tool isv), Ensure that the input method is in English.

Newly build(ctrl + N):
Resolution settings: printing: 300dpi; screen(web,app): 72dpi; Inkjet printing: 30dpi.

Insert picture into current file:
stay In Explorer   Drag picture into canvas   region;ctrl + enter Confirm insertion.

Open picture as a new file(ctrl + O)
In Explorer   Pictures   Drag to   Property bar     Let go; Or use the menu bar   file -> open.

ctrl + plus   enlarge ;ctrl + reduce   narrow;alt + Roller;ctrl + 1   Restore original scale

Other shortcut keys:
Alt Delete :  alt + delete
Fill background color:   ctrl + delete
Swap foreground background color: X
Restore default foreground background color: D
ctrl + z       Only one step back
ctrl + alt + z   Step back
ctrl + shift + z   One step forward
Shortcut keys for layers:F7
New Layer:ctrl + shift + alt + N
ctrl + shift + N   New Layer     New panel will pop up
duplicate layer:ctrl + J
Delete layer shortcut: delete
Cancellation of constituencies: ctrl + D
Free transform shortcut :  ctrl + T
Zoom time, Press and hold the shift key, Equal scale, Ensure no deformation
Preservation:ctrl + S
Save as:  ctrl + shift + S

Lasso tool:
Combining four operation modes, Mainly used to modify the constituency
Polygon Lasso : Make a sharp figure
Magnetic Lasso: With adsorption function, Requirement: The color contrast between image edge and background is large
Path change selection: ctrl + enter
Anti selection constituency:  ctrl + shift + I

Use of pen:
1. fixed point: The end of a single arc
2. When to cancel( Modify handle): When we meet the corner, Hold down alt key Adjust single side handle
3. Handle and path remain tangent

Paint brush:
Resize brush: 
[   Brush smaller
]   Brush enlarged

Brush hardness:
The bigger the value is. The harder the strokes  
The smaller the value. The softer the strokes
shift + [     Hardness decreases
shift + ]     Hardness increases

Other operations:
Staff gauge(ctrl + R): Hold down the mouse on the ruler and drag it out   Reference line

liquefaction:ctrl+shift + X   Or click Filter  ->   liquefaction.

Hue/ saturation(ctrl + U)

Color scale:ctrl + L; Adjustment is made White is more white.   Black is darker.   Contrast enhancement.

If the image is darker, Can increase its exposure

Get the selected area corresponding to the text:ctrl + Click the text layer thumbnail

As a designer, We must be familiar with some design specifications of each platform, This design can basically find the corresponding official information from various websites.
* Android design code:
* Android Design dimensions: <>
* Apple design code:
* Google design code: <>
* Material Design design code: <>