It's the last day of the year , I believe many companies require their employees to write annual summaries , I'm no exception . But I feel that in the annual summary of the company , Too template . In fact, many of them are unnecessary . in short , Personal summary of this article , It's written according to one's own ideas . In short , Just let it go , Open writing !

This year's events

Make a list first , Then explain the events in the list . To make the description of the event interesting , So I asked myself .
Major events

* Change of job , Work place from Wuhan to Shenzhen ;
* Started blogging ;
* Learning ssm Such basic use of technologies outside the framework ;
* Start to exercise consciously ;
Event description

ask : Why change jobs ? Why come to Shenzhen ?
answer : The first job was in Wuhan , Worked in the company for more than a year , Learned a lot of knowledge , But because the company belongs to the traditional industry , In terms of technology for personal promotion , Too slow ,
I know myself better ,
It's not a genius or a hard worker , Of course, it's not the kind of thing to eat and die . So after thinking about it for a long time , I feel like I'm going on like this , It feels like it's going to be abandoned , So I decided to quit .
Why come to Shenzhen ? first , The world is so big , I want to come out for a walk ; second , Shenzhen is also among the top cities in China in terms of technological atmosphere and urban environment .

ask : Why I started blogging ? Want to give up ?
: Why blogging ? When I used to look for information on the Internet , Many of the answers are from other people's blogs ( Thank you for your selfless contribution ), And I prefer to take notes , Many of them are problems and Solutions , So I got the idea of blogging , But I still worry about my lack of ability , Not good enough . What's really determined is
Because I read a blog ( How to prepare for the interview , By the way, for Java Suggestions for each stage of procedural ape learning
) after , Determined to start writing . The first thing is to write a blog , But I don't know how to write , What to write
As for the layout of blog interface and so on , Not at all . however , Since I want to write , You can't flinch because of this , So I started my first blog
, It's not so much a blog , It's more like notes .ps: Actually until now , Read your own blog , Most of them are like notes , Too stiff , Not smart enough ...
As for giving up blogging ? When I wrote my first blog , I haven't thought about giving up blogging until now . If I'm still working in this industry , If I have energy , If my blog can help others ...
Then I'll keep writing . Even if it's too bad , Unstable update , Nobody read it ... I'll write it down . Because I'm a programmer , And I happen to like sharing , So for now , I will always Write it down .

ask : What techniques have been learned ? Do you have a good command of these skills at work ?
: During the year , In terms of personal ability , The breadth has been significantly improved , But in terms of depth , Little progress . The specific performance is , I learned mina frame , And used in the project ; Yes Netty,Redis Have a certain understanding of relevant technologies , Easy to use ; Got it Hadoop,Spark,Hive,HBase,Storm,kafka Related technologies , At present, it is still in the exploratory stage .

In fact, learning these technologies , It's basically learned because it's used at work or about to be used , Think it's passive learning . Active learning Netty and Redis, But there is no practical skillful use in the project . In the work of many technologies , In fact, it's just for use , Know it but don't know why , Some of them are not skilled .

ask : Why do you exercise consciously ? How about exercise ?
: Why exercise ? In fact, long after taking part in the work , No such awareness . Until one day last year , Intermittent rest , Though it's over , But when I came back, I felt really tired , I haven't been so tired for many years , Then I realized that I was too poor . So after that , Start exercising , But it doesn't last . It feels like this , The body still can't get exercise .
So after , And then began to exercise consciously . Don't ask how much you can do at one time , It's about persistence .
For now , Ten thousand steps a day 5 More than a month , The body is feeling better , I feel tired after climbing and hiking in Shenzhen , But it's already acceptable and so on .

Next year's goal

Mainly list what to do next year , Add a tag after everything , Indicates the status achieved , Divided into not done , Did not meet the standard , Up to standard , transcend These four levels , Come back this time next year , And make corresponding evaluation .

* read 2 Above technical related books , And make corresponding practice ;
* read 5 Above interesting books at home and abroad ;
* read jdk Source code of common classes , Be able to understand the meaning ;
* Ability to master 3 Common technical frameworks ;
* Keep going ten thousand steps a day , At least in a year 250 day ;
* Outdoor sports at least once a month ;
* Sleep time no less than 7 hour , Not higher than 9 hour , At least one year 300 day ;
* Keep writing every month 4 Above blogs , The number of blogs written in a year is no less than 40 piece ;

I've written almost everything here , I don't forget anything (⊙﹏⊙b sweat ).
Actually, write a blog post , The main purpose is to have a clear understanding , And make plans for the future , As for what I'm talking about, how much can I do , In fact, I have no idea , After all, people are fickle , The future is hard to grasp , All we have is the present moment . okay , Said so much , Let's talk about the real insights I got in this year !

* You have to believe in yourself ! What you can do today is not to do it , Then you won't do it tomorrow !
* It's not hard , It's hard to persevere ! therefore , First, stick to it , Let's talk about efforts !
* When you want to do something , So do it now ! Even if it's not good , Very bad , But all you have to do is , I won't care about that .
* The quality of one thing , Not the result of this , It's about how you think about it .
* Humans are creatures that like to be praised ! Many times , Praise is far better than criticism .