HR Favorite to ask programmers10 One question

I read a lot of articles recently, It's all about interview questions, I really don't understand, On behalf of the company, the interviewer wants to hire the best programmers, That means you need to come up with some meaningful interview questions. If you ask about useless rubbish, So it's easy to miss a lot of talented programmers. Of course, if you think you're going to scare these people away, Then you can ask the human resources department to interview people who are not really proficient in the program.

Why is it so serious? This is because the answer to the question can reflect a person's situation, And the questions themselves tell the interviewers something about the company. If the interview questions are bad, So even if the interview process is perfect, It's possible that you didn't pick the best. No one wants to work with people with poor technical ability, And programmers can't stand it. at least, I do..

       therefore, To make sure that you can find really good programmers, And don't scare them away, The following questions must be addressed:

       1. Really? Can write, Able to write, Code

       2. Be able to get things done

       3. reliable

       4. A bit of a nerd, Be ready to help others

       5. Like to learn new things

Based on the above points, I sorted out10 Interview questions. If it's me, As a programmer, if you're asked10 One question, I will feel sure that I can work happily in this company in the future.

       1. What is your favorite programming language? What programming languages do you hate? Why??

       2. If you want to add features to your most commonly used programming language, What function do you want?

       3. Say a project you've been involved in, What are the difficulties in this process, How to overcome?

       4. Have you ever done anything and ended up failing?

       5. On a day off, All of a sudden, a colleague called to ask you for a quick response to a question about your recent code snippet, Do you feel angry and upset?

       6. You're asked to deal with a lot of hard code, But you don't know how it works, No documentation, no testing, What would you do?

       7. stayZelda What's your favorite game in the series? What else do you like? Have you ever thought that if you developed it firstminecraft, What will happen?

       8. What websites do you like?

       9. What book would you recommend as a must read?

       10. Last but not least, Please explain the following terms:DRY,SOLID,YAGNI, Optimistic lock and pessimistic lock),MVC AndMVVM( Can be added by yourself)

in addition, The ability to write code should not be ignored. They can display their own code or implement a function required by your site. Truly capable programmers will be proud of their code, So we can have a good look, See if they're willing and willing to show their code.

       These questions not only ensure that we hire really good programmers, And make sure they're real people.