There was a period of time for the neural network to enter the pit , Decide to write a blog and record what you have learned , Even a little bit , I want to see it in the future ...

The content of this combing is neural network , A relationship of deep learning

I've seen some algorithms before , I tried to draw some gourds myself , But later it was found that there was some confusion about deep learning and neural networks

Write a blog and take notes :

In the field of artificial intelligence , Machine learning is one of the methods , Neural network is an algorithm in machine learning .

Neural network generally has input layer -> Hide layer -> Output layer , Generally speaking, the hidden layer is larger than 2 The neural network of is called deep neural network , Deep learning is a machine learning method with deep structure like deep neural network .

What are the advantages of deep network and shallow network ?—— Deep network has stronger expression ability , More resource saving .

In my opinion, neural network is a process of fitting a function , A neural network with only one hidden layer can fit a function , But it could take a lot of neurons . The deep network can use much fewer neurons to simulate the contract like function .