R Language inWin10 lowerlightGBM Successful installation of

Environmental Science

* win10
* R version 3.4.3 (2017-11-30) – “Kite-Eating Tree”
* Platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32/x64 (64-bit)
* Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017

* Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 ( Guess the need)
* Visual Studio Tools for CMake ( Guess the need)
* In useVS open\LightGBM\windows At the time of the project,VS Prompt to install some components, Not sure which components.
* cmake <https://cmake.org/download/> 64bit
* Rtools 64bit
System environment variablePATH

* C:\RBuildTools\3.4\bin
* C:\Program Files\CMake\bin
* C:\Program Files\R\R-3.4.3\bin
actuallyCMake andVS I don't know if I can choose one or the other.


Method 1
library(devtools) options(devtools.install.args = "--no-multiarch")
install_git("https://github.com/Microsoft/LightGBM", subdir = "R-package")
Method two
& 'C:\Program Files\R\R-3.4.3\bin\R.exe' CMD INSTALL --build . --no -multiarch
So it's directly installedlightgbm package. In addition, it will also\LightGBM\R-package Folder, That is to say, alightgbm_2.1.0.zip
file, SeeminglyRstudio lowerinstall.packages("d:/LightGBM/R-package/lightgbm_2.1.0.zip")
, The system prompts that it cannot be installed, But extract it directly to the folder of the extension package, Then restart.Rstudio, Extension packagelightgbm Can use, That's all right..

Method three( No attempt)
devtools::install_github("Laurae2/lgbdl", force = TRUE) lgb.dl(commit =
"master", compiler = "vs", repo = "https://github.com/Microsoft/LightGBM")
If there are already compiledlib_lightgbm.dll, Can do this.:
lgb.dl(commit = "master", libdll = "C:\\LightGBM\\windows\\x64\\DLL\\
lib_lightgbm.dll",# YOUR PRECOMPILED DLL repo =
If usedGPU:
lgb.dl(commit = "master", compiler = "vs", # Remove this for MinGW + GPU
installation repo ="https://github.com/Microsoft/LightGBM", use_gpu = TRUE)
Reference material

* http://www.zhonghaoguang.com/post/lightgbm-install-suceed/
* https://github.com/Microsoft/LightGBM/issues/912#issuecomment-329496254
* https://github.com/Microsoft/LightGBM/tree/master/R-package