Because Sogou input methodDeepin Too much memory in runtime(220M+), Progress will not kill. So I decided to delete Sogou input method, But remove the rear system tray

disappear, The top right corner of the desktop is constantly prompted to delete~/.config/SogouPY, Other input methods have no selection floater. ensurefcitx Without deletion, Operation to step4 System tray appears after input method is selected

No more errors in the upper right corner.

1. uninstallsogou Typewriting.

2. Eliminatesogou Input method remaining settings:

  Open terminal ctrl+alt+t

  Enter command into directory
cd ~/.config sudo rm -r SogouPY // If it cannot be deleted, enter the directory to delete all contents   delete.config Remaining tape in the directorysogou Profile for
sudo rm withsogou File at the beginning
3. Download other input methods.
 // Skip this step if there is no Sogou input method.

4. To configurefcitx
  Terminal input im-config fcitx-config-gtk3