One Installation environment

1.   Download from Microsoft official website Linux Versions.NetCoreSdk 2.0 Installation package

Open terminal: First step: sudo yum install libunwind libicu( installlibicu rely on)
The second step:

sudo mkdir -p /home/wenya/dotnet && sudo tar zxf
/home/wenya/NetCoreSdk/dotnet.tar.gz -C /home/wenya/dotnet
The third step: sudo ln -s /home/wenya/dotnet/dotnet /usr/local/bin ( create link)

Ifdotnet --info If it can be executed, it means.NET Core SDK Successful installation.
Two Deployment project:
VS Project release
Copy tolinux
Operation item:

Run project after version change:

Complete the above steps, Can be inlinux System deployment .Net Web Project.