Newly possessed capital

Men are afraid of going into the wrong business , Women are afraid to marry the wrong man , That's right , I want to win Bai Fumei , On the top of life , Head out into the development industry , Rough and bumpy , Now my hair is bald .


Come out of school , He stayed in Shanghai , Want to make a career , Planning your future in a proper way , There are many opportunities at one time , High wages, all kinds of beautiful vision shining in front of us , When I'm still in fantasy , A basin of cold water almost extinguished the fire in my heart , This cold water is my first job .


That year , It should not be much different from today , Millions of job seekers , You have to be good enough to find a suitable job , I thought I was a better one , Because after all, I was the vice president of the student union in school , It has advantages in some aspects . But the truth is not as simple as I thought , Until I interviewed more than a dozen units , Only a small company has the intention to accept me , I didn't immediately agree , Because although it hit a lot of walls , But I don't want to make do with my first job . finally , In the next week , Another company agreed with me , Unfortunately , And it's not big , Far from what I thought , But comparatively speaking , Better than the first .


I wanted to find a bigger platform to display myself , But a series of rejection let my confidence plummet , The courage to keep looking has almost dried up , After a fierce ideological struggle , I decided to join a second company , The real idea is : Worse is better than none , It's good to learn from the experience , Wait for me nb Then change jobs . So I took my school to learn computer professional knowledge , Become a person “ envy ” The programmer of .


Not much , I got it in the first month of internship 5000 block , Happily moved out of the dormitory , Think about the future, finally have their own small world , splendid . Follow the intermediary to see the rental price , Stupid eyes ,3000 block , carrel ( At this time, I think school is heaven ), I'm afraid I'm afraid I'll collapse the bed if I do something about it with my girlfriend ( Oh , Forget that I didn't have a girlfriend at that time o(╥﹏╥)o), The most important thing is to pay three for one , And agency fees , Have to , There was only one , try every possible way to persuade sb , The agency fee was given 1000 block , Then a month of steamed bread and pickled vegetables for company .


Company practice

That's it. , I started working life , Because the company is small , Limited projects , Plus, no one wants to bring new people , In the first three months, I basically looked at the project code by myself , After the internship period .


subsequently , My two interns and I began to gradually participate in the company's project , Due to limited technical level , Most of them are doing some basic functions or modifying some non core project functions , I didn't feel much pressure .


Time flies. , In the twinkling of an eye, I stayed in the company for a year , I have been a single dog for ten thousand years, and it has finally ushered in the spring , A beautiful girl from a small company . Because most of the negotiations between the project and the design are delivered by me , I'll get acquainted with each other , Maybe it's not deep in the world , In the end, I used it h5 The heart of Cupid , Add a bunch of flowers on Tanabata , I still admire myself \(^o^)/~


however , I'm happy to patronize , But a big problem is missing , I can't afford her , Be frank , I can't even raise myself . It was a hard time , Who has experienced it knows , Consumption will not be mentioned , My own words are OK , There is a canteen for eating , It won't cost much , But it's not the same with a girlfriend , Have a meal , A few hundred dollars is gone , I have to go shopping on weekends , Another expense , Have to , I got a credit card , But a few months later , Credit cards also owe a lot , We can only tear down the west wall to pay Paul , last , I can't hold on , I trembled to apply for a pay rise from my supervisor , You don't have to think about it , Was rejected , I chose to leave the company , Because the saying goes , Job hopping and salary increase .


Choose job hopping

After some experience , Changing jobs is not as difficult as it was when you first left school , I packed my resume carefully , It's the kind of thing that looks like it's going to be strong , Soon , I found a good job , Treatment has also been doubled , You can imagine the joy in your heart .


The company recruits people for work , I have a profound experience in this company , The day after I arrived, I had to take over the project left by the last employee , The company's purchase, sale and storage system . Together with a team leader and another programmer , Because everyone is in charge , Usually it is to communicate the progress , But in fact, I only have more than one year's experience , There are a lot of things that I really don't touch , There are always some tough problems , Work pressure is a little high , No one is willing to ask these old employees for advice , The attitude is even worse , What should I do? , You can only do it yourself .


Due to limited technical level , A lot of codes refer to resources on the Internet , Therefore, each item reported an error , I'm going to get nervous inside , That's it. , I spent a year in a tense atmosphere , Technology has also been honed . however , good times don 't last long , Half a year later, the company closed down because of the project loss , Have to step on the road to find a job , This time , I have raised my demands on myself , There's also a bit of speculation on the resume , Because I found out , In my current situation , It's hard to have a position that suits you , Too low, I don't want to go myself , Too high to reach , So I have to work on my resume .


That's it. , I got my third job , The monthly salary has arrived 20k, finally , Don't be so miserable . however , Paper can't hold fire , Now that I've got a higher salary , Companies have higher demands on themselves , To keep this job , I study hard , Working overtime day and night , But in the end, I still failed to finish the project assigned to me by the leader on time , The probation period has not expired , The personnel came to me , you 're right , I was fired ...


The bottom of life

I thought I was going to turn my luck , The result was a blow , In the days to come , I keep interviewing new companies , But the low paid have no interest , Well paid people always quit because they can't withstand the pressure , Either on the way to change houses or on the way to change jobs , The whole person felt numb , at a loss .


At this time , It's even worse , Because I've been unable to stabilize , My girlfriend thinks I can't give her the future , Plus, the burden on the family is heavy , He chose to leave . I didn't keep it , Because I know it's been hard on her for two years , And I know it myself , I'm not good enough .


At this time , I became decadent , Knowing it doesn't help , But still sad , Lie in bed every day and have a good sleep , Don't ask about the world , Drunk in the dark , But the next day , I'm still disappointed .


Do you really want to go on like this all the time ?


No !


Fighting the workplace again

it is said that , Get up where you fall , I clean myself up again , I interviewed for a job with a modest salary , Abandoned the previous ambition , Down to earth work . But I didn't stop there , I use my spare time to learn the latest programming techniques every day , Constantly wandering in various technical forums , Keep learning new framework knowledge , In half a year , My programming skills have improved a lot .


however , Integrated development is still unable to achieve , So I started looking for free frameworks developed by various companies in the forum , In order to improve their actual combat experience and project ability , But free is free after all , The project code is too few and too messy , Progress is slow . But the Kung Fu pays off , When I accidentally browse the technology forum , See someone share a rapid development framework , It claims to be able to develop almost all project types and functions , I immediately got interested , After the download is opened , Sure enough, it has rich functions , But some of the code is missing , I sent a private message to the sharer , Hope to get the complete source code , But unfortunately, that's all he has , Because he bought the frame, too , It's just the basic edition , As an aid to the development project . No way out , So I used the frame information , Contacted the Shanghai development company —— Soft power .


Because they are for the company's project needs , Therefore, the content of the framework was asked more carefully , Save the head of injustice , At the same time, several companies are compared , In view of functional requirements and service attitude , Finally, the force soft is preselected . So he looked for leaders to discuss , At first, the leaders felt that the need for this framework was not particularly urgent , Later, I listed all the projects and functional requirements that we need to do next , Finally found out , The current staffing may not be enough , But we can't get into a large number of people , Because after the completion of the project, more people are a problem , However, the functions within the force soft framework can be solved in a short time under the condition of existing personnel , So under my hard and soft , The leader thought it over , Tell me you can buy it , My heart was filled with joy .


Using a framework is not as difficult as you think , A week's time , I basically understand most of the functions . In the next company project , I keep referring to the framework , Improve the company's projects , Because a lot of features are out of the box , I just need to use it , It was a lot easier . That's it. , After a few months , My development level is constantly improving , Gradually become the backbone of the company , Promotion and raise are no longer just my wishful thinking , Life is really back on track , This is the life I want .

nowadays , I started to take the team with me , Complete complex projects one by one . remember , I really want to thank that sharer in the community , He took me to a shortcut , of course , This shortcut is not opportunistic , It's a technical sublimation , I hope that all future development exhibitions can take less detours , Move forward for your dream .


Here it is , Share the framework demo address for free , It's your choice :