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One, Tools needed

vmware workstation virtual machine


Two, Download address

vmware workstation virtual machine, Download address:http://www.anxia.com/w?ct=index&ac=search&keyword=vm


Three, Method, step

1, Download and installvmware workstation virtual machine, Pictured

2, download(android-x86-7.1-rc2.iso:, And put it in a clear folder.

3, Open virtual machine

4, click“ file”, Post Click“ New virtual machine”. Appear as diagram:

5, Click Next, Appear as diagram:

6, default setting, Click Next:

7, chooselinux(L), Click Next

8, Name of virtual machine can be named at will, It's called“ Experiment”. Click Next:

9 , Click Next:

10, Click Next:

11, Click to use network address translation(NAT)(E), Click Next:

12, clickLSI Logic(L), Next step:

13, clickSCSI(S), Click Next:

14, Click create new virtual disk(V), Click Next:

15, Disk size depends on your situation, Here I am.20 individualG, Click again“ Split the virtual disk into multiple files(M)”, Click Next:

16 , Click Next:

17, click“ complete”. Following chart:

18 , Click Edit virtual machine settings:

19, clickCD/DVD(SATA)
automatic detection, Click again“ UseISO Image file” Browse below, Will downloadkali-linux-2016.2-amd64.iso Put it in, Pictured:

20, Setting up the display

21, Click OK, complete.

22, Click on this virtual machine

Now we're going to install Android, See Icon, The first three are experience or debug modes, No election, Choose the fourth, Install Android system on hard disk


Last, Display Android system startup.