One objective
UseWin10 Lower installationQT5.9.3, UseQtCreator Development,QtCreator IntegratedMSVC2015_32   
MSVC2015_64 as well asMinGW_32 Debugging and compiling environment of

Two Environmental description
system: Win10 1709

SoftwareQT5.9.3 Download address: 
<>     download

Three Detailed operation
1, Download and install firstVS2015, Just installVC++ Module can, Download the installation steps and Baidu yourself.

2, downloadQt after, Select during installationMinGW_32   MSVC2015_32    MSVC2015, And the options in the tool, Other options as needed.

3, After installation,QtCreator It's going to be searched automatically3 Versions of configuration, howeverMSVC The configuration of will have a yellow exclamation point warning, Should beMSVC2015 No debugging tools are configured in the build suite of.

4, Download it on Microsoft's official websiteWinSdk:
 , Install after download, Only one needs to be selected for installationDebug for Windows The tool of, Remove all others. After installation, the configuration is as follows.

5, See the figure below after configuration, Select configuration in the build Suite,x86 choosex86 Of,x64 choosex64 Of. Warning can be eliminated after configuration.