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It can be downloaded on the official website

. If you use Firefox, you may not be able to download it properly , General browsers can , such as 360 Opera Portable , Because it's a programmer , So I like to use Firefox , Let me remind you of this problem , This should be Firefox's bug.

Here I download endnote7 edition , Different versions will have different places in the subsequent installation , Please pay attention to the version . I installed it, too endnote6, But I think the resolution is a little low , Later I found out 7 Good resolution , So I installed this 7
.8 Used it, too . It wasn't downloaded on the official website , I don't think it's easy to use , There are a lot of problems . So the version I recommend is 7.

Download it and install it directly , You can install the c Disk other than disk , No problem , I've done it . Choose trial 30 Days to install .

After installation, it will be the most important place , Is to let word and endnote Connect . Here I am connected word2016
, Attention ,word Different versions connect in different ways , Other versions, let's Baidu what others do , I feel that some of these documents on the Internet are very poor ,

You need to word Right click in that position , Then choose to run as Administrator , This step is very important , Or it won't work .

And then after you install it x7 Found this path in the document of :E:\x7\Product-Support\CWYW

You should not have this inside X64 Of , take x64.dat Rename the file of , Change suffix to rar. Then unzip , That's the folder , Then open this folder

Find this EndNote_Cwyw.dot Documents of . Then return to word in .


Right click on the file . choice “ option ”, Then select the add in .

choice com add-in , Then click go to . Then click Add

Find the unzipped file in that path

Then click OK , At this time , You can see x7 And yours word16 It's connected . You can use it normally , You can insert the literature , Very convenient , Nothing? bug ,

Another problem is the secret key , You can download one x7 The cracked version of , And then inside License Copy it , Replace the original file , This is when you start x7 It won't remind you to sign up , You don't have to worry about it 30
I can't use it anymore .

If you think it's good, please give me a compliment ,

If we can't find it License The words , You can contact me QQ Email to you ,[email protected]

Hebei University of science and technology - Produced by Xiao Yichao