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It can be downloaded on the official website

. If you use Firefox, you may not be able to download it properly, General browsers can, such as360 Opera Portable , Because it's a programmer, So I like to use Firefox, Let me remind you of this problem, This should be Firefox'sbug.

Here I downloadendnote7 Edition, Different versions will have different places in the subsequent installation, Please pay attention to the version. I installed it, tooendnote6, But I think the resolution is a little low, Later I found out7 Good resolution, So I installed this7
.8 Also used. It wasn't downloaded on the official website, I don't think it's easy to use, There are a lot of problems. So the version I recommend is7.

Download it and install it directly, You can install thec Disk other than disk, No problem, I've done it. Choose trial30 Days to install.

After installation, it will be the most important place, That is to letword andendnote Link up. I'm connected hereword2016
, Attention, everyone,word Different versions connect in different ways, Other versions, let's Baidu what others do, I feel that some of these documents on the Internet are very poor,

You need toword Right click in that position, Then choose to run as Administrator, This step is very important, Or it won't work.

And then after you install itx7 Found this path in the document of:E:\x7\Product-Support\CWYW

You should not have this insideX64 Of, takex64.dat Rename the file of, Change suffix torar. Then unzip, That's the folder, Then open this folder

Find thisEndNote_Cwyw.dot Documents. Then return toword in.


Right click file. Choice“ option”, Then select the add in.

Choicecom add-in, Then click go to. Then click Add

Find the file you unzipped in that path

Then click OK, This time, You can seex7 And yours.word16 It's connected. You can use it normally, You can insert the literature, Very convenient, Nothing?bug ,

Another problem is the secret key, You can download onex7 Cracked version, And then insideLicense Copy it over, Replace the original file, This is when you startx7 It won't remind you to sign up, You don't have to worry about it30
I can't use it in the future.

If you think it's good, please give me a compliment,

If we can't find itLicense Words, You can contact meQQ Email to you,[email protected]

Hebei University of science and technology- Produced by Xiao Yichao