nowadays , For job seekers , The talent market in the United States is emerging in a series of industry roles , Exciting career opportunities .

New job categories offer new possibilities for staff at all levels , It's even more important for people who are transforming their careers .

Overall , According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , Employment growth in the next decade is expected to exceed that in the previous decade , reach 2026 Will create 1150 Million jobs . Based on further forecast , Today's primary school students 65% 's children will do jobs that don't exist today .

To help you find new jobs , And better understand the skills needed to succeed , We analyzed LinkedIn data over the past five years and some survey data , To understand which positions and skills are on the rise , Which occupations and skills will be replaced , And what these trends represent for the job market in the next few years .

Here are some important findings of our analysis :

Technology is the king :
Whether it's a technology company or a non technology company , Are very welcome to have a very high-tech staff to join them , Make high-tech jobs the most popular workplace jobs . Machine learning Engineer , Data scientists and big data engineers are the leaders in emerging positions , Companies from all walks of life are looking for these skills .

Soft skills :
Not all new technology jobs need technology . On the list of top emerging positions in non-technical companies , Sales Development Representative , Account success managers and brand partners are among them . Traditional soft skills such as communication and management lay the foundation for all these new jobs .

High mobility positions are rising :
Some emerging positions reflect broader social trends , Such as health orientation , Flexibility and office location mobility . More and more people want to live healthier , That explains why we even have Barry's coach in our new job . But there are also some traditional professions in the rising professions , For example, licensed real estate agents began to surge after the great recession and recovery of the real estate market . Only in the past year , The number of licensed brokers has skyrocketed 40%. It's not hard to speculate , These types of roles will be more widely distributed in the United States .

Lack of talent supply for high-end positions :
The role of data scientists 2012 Has soared since 650% above , even so , With hundreds of companies looking for these positions , At present, the United States has only 35,000 People have data science skills . Even in industries like finance and retail , These jobs are still in short supply .

Future oriented skills are essential : Five years ago , Some of these new jobs don't even exist , Many professionals are not sure if their current skills will still be in the future 1 - 2 Year related .

We will elaborate on how technology and experience will play a role in the future employment market   use , And how to achieve them .

20 The hottest career in America

at present , The United States has more than 1600 Recruitment for machine learning engineers .

Due to the influence of technology in various fields , The explosive development of technology roles over the past five years is not surprising . We 11 Of “ Workforce Report ” point out , from 2016 year 10 Start of month , The recruitment scale of hardware industry has risen nearly 10%, And the software industry is up nearly 15%.


Specifically , More complex technology ( Such as artificial intelligence ) With the development and wide application, we can see that more professional machine learning and data specific roles are on the list of emerging jobs . Outside the technology industry , These jobs also have a wide range of demand soils .


The number of customer experience roles in the list indicates “ Age of customer ” It's not just nonsense . These jobs are some of the non automated jobs in today's market , These jobs require skills that cannot be learned from school , Because they have a high demand for soft skills .

New jobs are bound to eliminate some of the existing ones . When we look closely at the trends of jobs that are being replaced in today's careers , We found two laws :

Comprehensive skills across multiple disciplines seem to have higher needs . In the demand list , Most occupations cover many subjects and can be applied to many industries .


Some professional professions are declining . A professional developer , To legal experts , Even some professional logistics chain managers , We can see that they are gradually being replaced by positions with more comprehensive skills . for instance , With the development of science and technology , The role of flash memory is diminishing , More big data and machine learning have emerged and replaced them .

Where were they five years ago

Software engineers are found in all emerging professions .

We reviewed the careers of these five roles at the top of the demand chain , Want to know what kind of work they were doing five years ago . No matter what kind of career process or technology it has , Our findings are exciting .

When analyzing the professional development path of the five new professions , We found a common development trend : Software engineers are the growing soil for technology related work .

Sales development reps are growing rapidly , For rookies who want to enter any industry , Still an entry-level role and a great choice . in fact , This is also one of the most popular roles of recent graduates .

Machine learning Engineer :

1. software engineer

2. Research Assistant

3. assistant

4. Data scientist

5. System Engineer

Mathematical scientist :

1. Research Assistant

2. assistant

3. Mathematical scientist

4. Business Analyst

Sales Development Representative :

1. service personal

2. sales assistant

3. Account Manager

4. Administrative Assistant

Customer service representative :

1. Account success Manager :

2. Account Manager

3. project manager

4. Customer service representative

5. Engineering Manager

6. sales manager

Big data developer :

1. software engineer

2.Hadoop  Developer

3. System Engineer

4.Java  engineer

5.ETL  Developer

In the above new work , Some jobs have greater mobility for new cities or industries , At the same time, other jobs are not .

Let's take a look at the following work : These jobs are widely available in cities all over the country , But across lines .

Where can we find these jobs

Industrial fixation , The profession of urban circulation :

• real estate , Roles in fitness or retail spaces tend to be more widely distributed across the United States .

• however , Although these roles offer more options for location mobility , But the industry has fewer options .

1. Licensed real estate agent

2. Brand partners

3. Independent travel director

4. Brand activation manager

5. Coach Barre

Urban fixation , The profession of industrial circulation :

• These jobs are highly concentrated in the top ten urban areas of the United States , But across multiple industries .

• Many emerging roles in technology are concentrated in urban areas , Like San Francisco , New York and Los Angeles .

• When considering industry liquidity in these emerging roles , Many professions prefer software and IT skill , But almost every industry has jobs .

1. Head of partnerships

2. Customer experience leader

3. Data scientist

4. iOS Application Developer

5. User experience researcher

When we look at skills , Soft skills remain critical

The most common skills in emerging jobs

according to LinkedIn And Kaijie (Capgemini) A recent survey , near 30% In the future 1 -
2 Within the year , Their skills will be useless . Even more than that , There's something else 38% People think their skills will be in the future 4-5 Out of date . This feeling is largely due to the lack of adequate training , The lack of these trainings makes them unable to master the new database skills necessary for success in today's fast-paced employment environment .

We looked at the top 20 Position . Although many of these roles require professional experience or advanced degrees , But one thing remains the same : All changes are inseparable “ stunts based on agility rather than physical strength ”. Also note that , These skills cover from marketing , A range of work from engineering to sales , And it's likely to have at least one part .

1. Administration

2. sale

3. signal communication

4. Marketing

5. Entrepreneurship

6. Python

7. software development

8. analysis

9. cloud computing

10. retail

We're also looking at the fastest skills in these professions , And found that the trend of matching is emerging : Soft skills are comprehensive , Basic computer knowledge is the same . We noticed that social media editors , Microsoft Office And digital marketing skills in these emerging jobs .

The most important soft skills ( According to recruitment manager )

For those who are not interested in these skills  -  Don't worry , Soft skills are a very important part of any role ,60% The above hiring manager told us , It's hard for them to find the right talent . We invited 1200 Multiple hiring managers participated in the survey , To understand what they are looking for in applying for soft skills :

1. adaptability

2. Cultural fit

3. cooperation

4. leader

5. growth potential

6. first

In this blog post , Learn more about how to prepare to talk about these skills in an interview .

These are the first 5 Top skills in new positions

If you want to analyze it more carefully 5 Most common skills in new positions , We can better understand the skills necessary to succeed in these positions .

Whether it's understanding the details of enterprise software to help customers , Professional engineering and programming skills  -  Obviously , Technology has become part of almost all professional work .


The rise of successful customer managers is likely to be attributed to software as a service (SaaS) Explosive growth of products , The theory holds true when it comes to the skills of these professionals . Two of the five skills in this role relate to business and SaaS Software technology know-how .

If the professional does not have the required hardware technical skills , Or not interested in engineering or development , But I want to work in the technology industry , So it's a good way to get started in a more customer-centric position .

Machine learning Engineer

1. machine learning

2. Research

3. algorithm

4. Software

5. Deep learning

Data scientist

1. Data Science

 2. machine learning

 3. analysis

4. data mining


Sales Development Representative

1. sale

2. Sales management

3. Business development

4. Account planner

5. Entrepreneurs

Account success Manager

1. Administration

2. Software as a service

3. Enterprise software

4. sale

5. Customer success management

Big data developer

1. big data



4.[Apache] Hive

5. Entrepreneurs              

Technology in decline

When analyzing skills in decline , Some trends can be found clearly .

• As more and more attention is paid to the prosperity of digital skills and digital experience , image “ Shopper marketing ” The demand for skills traditionally focused on understanding the shopping habits of physical stores is declining .

• in addition , As mentioned above , And older technology systems ( as Java) Relevant traditional technical skills are also losing market under the attack of more and more attention to technical roles .

•“ strategy ” and “ marketing management ” And other extremely saturated general skills are being replaced by more specific skills related to these industries , for example “ integrated marketing ”.

The rise of freelancing

In addition to emerging roles , We've noticed the emergence of freelancers in the United States , And they often choose freelancing as a full-time job . Recently in the survey of freelancers , A quarter told us , Their freelance career is totally different from their full-time career .事实上,与我们新兴职位之一巴雷教练相关的技能表明,这是美国许多专业人士在兼职的主流选择.















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