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This index mainly includes warehouse uncle pairsdotnet
core Architecture research and knowledge accumulation, from2016 Started writing in, It's been more than a year now, There's a little bit of that, antic, Small application, Hope to give you some inspiration in the development, Also hopedotnet
core Better and better, hope2.0 The official version will come out soon!

Our framework should be based on component!

Our system should be based on micro service!

Our deployment, It should be based on Automation!

DotNetCore Cross platform directory

DotNetCore Cross platform~Startup Class introduction <>
(2016-05-31 16:25)

Linux~centos Installation on.netcore,HelloWorld Return!
<>(2016-09-05 13:25)

.NetCore~ Caused by different frame version numberdotnet Can notrun it <>
(2016-09-05 16:48)

.NetCore~Linux Deployment in environment <>(2016-11-04

.NetCore~Json Instead ofXml <>(2017-02-04

.NetCore~TagHelpers Use of labels <>
(2017-02-04 13:44)

.NetCore~C#6 Some new features of <>(2017-02-04

DotNetCore Cross platform~ Release scriptPowerShell Design <>
(2017-06-09 16:41)

DotNetCore Cross platform~EFCore ConnectMysql Way <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ problem~NETCoreAPP, Version=v1.0' compatible with one of the target
runtimes: 'win10-x64 <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ Service Bus_ Redesign of event bus <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~Dockerfile Explanation <>

 DotNetCore Cross platform~2.0 Released in advance <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ stayappsettings.json Custom configuration item in

DotNetCore Cross platform~EFCore2.0 ConnectMysql Trouble- resolved

DotNetCore Cross platform~EFCore How to create data context <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ aboutappsettings.json Reading various configuration items in

DotNetCore Cross platform~Quartz The gospel of hot deployment~ Monitoring folder changes

DotNetCore Cross platform~Quartz Scheduled single task <>

docker~aspnetcore2.0 Lack of mirror imagelibgdiplus problem

DotNetCore Cross platform~linux Upper reduction autonomynuget Package needs attention

Jenkins~ CoordinationDocker anddotnetCore Flexible deployment of production and test environments(HOT)

docker~ No useyml Mass Deployment Services <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ Have a chat togetherMicrosoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection(HOT)

DotNetCore Cross platform~EFCore AbandonedTransactionScope Replaced byContext.Database.BeginTransaction

DotNetCore Cross platform~ How profile and configuration code coexist <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ The era of componentization is coming <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~Dapper Use <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ Talk about Middleware <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ functional testingTestHost Use <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~System.DrawingCore deployLinux Need attention

DotNetCore Cross platform~ byLind.DotNetCore The significance of adding unit test to framework

DotNetCore Cross platform~Moq Framework implementation simulation test <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~dotnet pack Packaging details <>

LindDotNetCore~ Introduction based on modular injection <>

LindDotNetCore~ Introductory basis <>

LindDotNetCore~ The introduction of authorization Middleware <>

LindDotNetCore~ Application of responsibility chain model <>

LindDotNetCore~Mock Significance to practical application <>

LindDotNetCore~Scheduling Introduction of task scheduling module <>

LindDotNetCore~docker The problem of generating Chinese garbled code on Li image <>

LindDotNetCore~Polly The value of components to microservice scenarios <>

LindDotNetCore~Ocelot Implementation of microservice gateway <>

LindDotNetCore~ Add route prefix <>

LindDotNetCore~Aspect Aspect oriented programming <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ Understanding environment and environmental variables <>

LindDotNetCore~ISoftDelete Soft delete interface <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~ bydebain Alibaba cloud acceleration added to the system <>

DotNetCore Cross platform~Json Dynamic serialization properties <>

data base~dotnetcore ConnectMysql Failed to insert Chinese <>

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