Remember when I first came out of school, It should be the same as today's95 Almost after, I was still scared, I'm afraid I can't find a job, I'm afraid I can't earn enough money to buy a house to support my family,( Of course, there are other concerns), But I didn't realize that I had the most precious wealth: Young.

    Being young means having a clear mind to learn, So that we can make sure that we are making progress, Instead of being eliminated.

    Being young means having enough physical strength to work overtime in the company, Can usen Double the speed to accumulate experience,n greater than1 But less than3, After all, only one day24 Hour, Comparison8 hour, It can only be used at most3 Time work.


    Younger means more impulsive, No worries, To be able to move forward, Not afraid of failure.


    Even because there is no burden, When you are young, you can spend your youth more, Do whatever you want( Of course, it's not illegal).


When I am old( First say40 You're old after you're old), The burden of parents and children will make me not have enough time to earn extra money, And it's probably a very narrow choice to find a job at this age, Maybe even mental and physical decline. in short, Maybe it's not easy to earn money when you're old. Do I really have a sense of crisis?



    Work till now, I changed from fresh meat to Bacon, Hair is missing.( Maybe too much radiation, too hard), My hair is white, What are the costs of beauty for me?

    1 At least a family in Shanghai, And it can make parents, A decent life for the family and themselves.

    2 Opened a Taobao store, And it's the crown level( I haven't done it for a long time).

    3 Published a book in a famous publishing house, Although the ability is not enough, But it's also a bluff. The latest one is from the electronic agency,java web Lightweight development interview tutorial

    4 Work is stable, The income is at least surplus.

    5 The most important point, Even if I'm out of work now, Somehow, it can ensure that the family can live without worry, So I don't have too many concerns when I make a big decision, It can do a good job.


But if you have no future, you have to worry, Because if you go against the current, you will go back, I'm afraid when I'm old, I don't do anything, So my goal is, On the one hand, supporting parents, Responsible for family and children, On the other hand, I hope my parents are healthy, Under this premise, we can have1000 Million disposable funds( It's not much in Shanghai, I guess it's just a suite in the center of the city).

    perhaps1000 It's really out of reach, But I also quote the famous sayings from the later teachers of marquis Zhuge. There's still hope, No more hope, No pie in the sky.



    For this purpose, I feel2017 Years of hard work, Now I summarize some achievements in my career as follows.

Opened a blog in the blog Park,4 For months, Yes82 A friend paid attention to my blog. And my blog hits are pretty good, Also boarded.48 Hourly leaderboards and most recommended leaderboards. I would like to thank the administrator of blog park for his great help.

    2 I'm still following the rules at work, But at least at the architect level, stay2016 End of the year, I don't even know the advanced learning path of an architect.

    3 Published a Book,java web Lightweight development interview tutorial <>
, First impression2500 book, Sale4 For months, Nearly sold2000 book, On Jingdong, There are also100+ Evaluation, I didn't sell the books I wrote before, Although it can't be compared with Daniel's book, But at least I wrote it with my heart, It's worthy of the reader, This can be proved by JD's high praise rate.

    4 Finished a Book, Reviewing manuscripts, I also received the copy.Spring Cloud Topic selection, Continue to write next year.

    5 I've done a lot of extra fast work, Mainly lectures, The income is about25000 Right and left..

    6 To ensure that they have enough motivation to move forward, Because I always see making more money than me, People with better conditions are working hard.

    The next step is reflection:

Although the weekend, Before and at night, I try to spare time to work and study, But I still played a lot of games, Although not addicted, But if you spend that time on learning, I'm not sure I'm better at architecture now.

I'm still working under the hood, I've seen some chicken soup, Say that a person's income is related to his friends, Specifically speaking, Average the salaries of friends, It's the same as this guy's salary. Maybe I should get to know more technology bulls or people with original ideas on entrepreneurship, How to know? Take part in more social activities.

    3 The mentality is not well controlled, It's easy to lose your mind when you encounter something unpleasant, Which leads to low efficiency of working and earning money, This may not be enough for work.

  Finally speaking2018 Year's wish, First of all, parents and family members should be in good health( This is most important. If other wishes don't come true, I hope this will come true), Second, it can make my income rise again50%. When it comes to the second wish, I feel like I'm too vulgar, But in Shanghai, Besides using money as a standard, I can't find a better standard.

    I hope all my friends are here2018 We can achieve our expected goal in.

    Written in2017 The night of the last day of.