at present, Whether it's a front-end developer or a personal webmaster, Some code processing tools are often needed, such as: Code comparison, Code formatting, Icon making, etc.
Sometimes it's just in a hurry, but there's no software installed on the computer, Here is a collection of online tools that we often use.

Code comparison/ Merge: 
regular expression : 
js/css compress: 
Web palette: 
crontab Expression: 
Timestamp conversion: 
Code formatting: 
Common fonts for web pages: 
HTML Special symbols: 
CSV turnHTML: 
LESS Compiler: 
UBB Compiler: 
On line code conversion: 
Online decimal conversion: 
Base64 Encoding and decoding: 
Text encryption and decryption: 
MD5 encryption: 
Morse code: 
HTTP State query: 
Port scan: 
IP query: 
favicon Icon making: 
Generate QR code: 
gif Map making: 
ID card information query: 
Chinese conversion: 
toggle case: 
Zip code area code query: 
Scientific calculator: 
Unit Converter : 
Chinese character to Pinyin: 
word count: 
Literal weight removal: 
Online answer: